Campo 57 Gruppignano

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Work Camps associated with Campo 57 (this section is now being developed)

Work Camps were located throughout Italy. POWs provided much needed labor particularly to agricultural areas or to large infrastructural projects. Camps were numbered with two number sets. The first designating the central or main camp and the second designating the satellite work camps. The following focuses just on those where POWs from Campo 57 were known to be sent. 

Work Camp 103 was located in Monigo Treviso. This camp was not known as a prison camp and not known as a work camp for POWs from Campo 57 

103/6 and 103/7

In Spring of 1943 New Zealanders were dispatched to 103/6 assist in the construction of  hydoelectric power house near the town of Ampezzo and  to 106/7 for the construction of the dam at La Maina.