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Campo 57 Gruppignano

Update 16/01/2021: I have not attended to this site for the last eighteen months so my apologies for the lack of progress or attending to queries. I am back on the job now, so you will observe the steady development of this site over the next two months. 

Prisoner of War (Prigione di Guerra) Campo 57 Gruppignano, Udine, Fruili, Northern Italy


This site is dedicated to the Prisoners of War (POW) held at Campo 57, Gruppignano in Northern Italy during World War Two. Information, photos, mementos or stories, will be gratefully accepted and added to this website in order to increase its value as a resource for families and researches. Visitors and Researchers should feel free to copy any material from this site without a fee. I have wherever possible referenced where I obtained my material and as a courtesy, I would encourage others using this material to also reference the original owner of the material.


The fastest way to build a repertoire of historical knowledge, mementoes, images and family historical detail, is through the exchange of questions and answers. To my mind, the best way to do this is via Facebook where any interested person can pose a question or post an image, and any one of us can subsequently respond with an answer. Thus I have attached a link to a Facebook site.


Lastly, I want to extend to the families of prisoners of war at campo 57 my sincerest assurances that any information you provide or detail you provide regarding your relative will be treated with the utmost respect and posted to this site with the dignity that these men deserve.


To the families of either Italian or German soldiers or local administrators from that era, I extend a welcome and would be most grateful for any information you may have that would enrich this site.